Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Best CCTV Cameras and Kits

Review on The Best CCTV Camera Kits 

What is the best CCTV camera Kits for home and business?

CCTV camera kits can be used for commercial applications as well as domestic, but all depends
on what suits your needs?

CCTV Information 

If you install a CCTV system in a school or public house then you may not want the cameras to be tampered with; therefore you should have a camera system that has vandal-resistant cameras such as vandal proof domes. Whereas if you are installing cameras inside offices, then a standard camera would be sufficient. 

PTZ Cameras
By having a PTZ camera meaning Pan Tilt Zoom, it will enable you to zoom in on objects 100 metres away yet still give you facial recognition. It will also provide the option to place the camera into a tour with dedicated zones for each area enabling you to scan the exterior of your building automatically.

Some PTZ cameras come with built-in wipers that can be enabled via the controlling software allowing you to clean the camera lens when it is dirty.

IR Infra-red
Most kits are now sold with decent infra-red LEDs built into the cameras, Infra-red LEDs offer a great night view of the surrounding area but must be located correctly.

As a rule of thumb always make sure that the camera is not turned into the wall where it is mounted on, as the camera will lose its IR viewing distance and can also get reflected IR light back into the camera that will distort the image.

CCTV Camera Types
CCTV Cameras come in various styles, and protocols see list below

Bullet Cameras
Eyeball Camera
PTZ Camera

Dome Camera
The above cameras come in different protocols
  • IP  2Meg - 4 Megapixel - 5 Meg - 6 Meg
  • IP 4K  8 Megapixel
  • TVI HD
  • TVI 4K
  • 4 IN 1 Analogue switching to TVI HD Etc
  • Analogue

Therefore when selecting a CCTV camera, the recording device must match the chosen CCTV camera; otherwise, you will lose quality or worst you will not get an image.

Choosing a CCTV Camera System

After reviewing various CCTV brands the brand 
I personally like best that is reliable and comes with a 3 years warranty is the Onyx and Qvis brand.
The recorders come in the different styles and protocols to match the cameras as mentioned above. They are simple to operate so easy anyone could get their head around it within 30 minutes.

The link to the recommended CCTV Kits 

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