Thursday, March 26, 2020

Best Security Camera Systems in the Market Today

Best Security Camera Systems 

Intelligent security systems have dominated the market today, seeing the state of elevated crime levels and exemplary masterminding by thieves today. Many have turned to smart home and workplace camera as an easy, economical option to get a view of their valuables every step of their way. Besides burglary, parents are purchasing home cameras to monitor their children’s behaviour. 

Whatever the reason for purchase, you need value for your money. Before buying, therefore, consider some features like storage capacity, night vision, reliability, audio capabilities, installation process, picture quality and cost. 

This considered the top five options when buying a CCTV camera kit include the Reolink 4K Ultra NVR 8CH 5MP PoE CCTV Home Security Camera System. Superior to most, this camera kit consists of 4 outdoor cameras, each with a resolution of 5 megapixels to give an HD image, providing a sharp view of your home. The cameras give super reliable, stable digital videos so any visual struggles you may have encountered with analogue cameras will not be an issue. 

It also supports night vision up to 100ft away, without any distortion on the image. Coming to installation, it is a matter of screwing of the cameras to the positions you want, connecting the NVR ports and setting up the system using an HDMI cable to a computer. The system also comes with a 2TB internal storage and 4TB external HDD.  Finally, it compatible with an android or iPhone operating system so you can play recordings remotely.

The FLOUREON CCTV Security Camera System is yet another system that is easy to install and connect to your tablet or phone for 24 hr. surveillance. With its FLOUREON cloud service, missed surveillance sessions are just a click away. The 4 cameras are a simple solution for a moderate space and have a 1TB pre-installed hard drive. It is suitable for residential and office spaces and since the cameras are water-resistant, will comfortably be positioned outside. It is a cheaper solution when monitoring demands are minimal, but will still give clear 1080P videos.

The YESKAMO  Wireless CCTV Home Security Camera system is also a simple and safe option to meet moderate security demands economically. It has a simple set-up process which you can easily handle, reducing the cost of hiring experts to install. Furthermore, it will likewise give a high definition image and 1080P video quality. The storage is bigger than the previous FLOUREON system, so will come in handy when more video storage capacity is needed. As with all, it has a real-time monitoring connection by linking it to your tablet or smartphone.

If you’re looking for an unequalled system, however, the 4K 8 Channel 2TB 6 Camera Kit is the ultimate CCTV kit. With its 6 cameras, this 8 channel CCTV kit is not limited to moderate spaces but a great option for large spaces like malls, apartments, schools and churches. 
The cameras perceive images up to 30 meters away and have a superb infrared illumination for recording at night. These 8-megapixel cameras yield impeccable 4K HD digital images which you can access throughout using your phone. 

The kit is ideal for motion detection as well as video recording and has a storage of 1TB pre-installed which can be upgraded simply by purchasing an external HDD and linking it to the system. It is truly unmatched in quality and pocket-friendly cost!

Whatever your reason for purchasing a security system is, be sure to choose from these, as they are the best in image quality, storage, reliability, motion detection and 24/7 monitoring even when away.


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Best Security Camera Systems in the Market Today

Best Security Camera Systems  Intelligent security systems have dominated the market today, seeing the state of elevated crime levels and...